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Based in Columbus, Ohio, Better For You Wellness, Inc. - BFYW - is a publicly-traded company with plant-based brands and science-backed sustainable services. Better For You Wellness evaluates opportunities targeting six wellness-focused categories within the rapidly-growing $1.5T wellness industry to create a leading global wellness conglomerate. Using a dual buy + build model, BFYW focuses upon the following six wellness categories:

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Start with Skincare

With the skin being the body's largest organ, BFYW began its wellness journey focusing upon Skincare as a foundation, to address Better Appearance, Better Health, and Better Nutrition. In the first 100 Days of the Company, Letters of Intent (LOI) were executed for a cross-border acquisition of a Canadian natural skincare co-manufacturer and organic skincare line until BFYW has finalized its manufacturing acquisition. This was followed by LOIs to acquire and additional natural skincare lines (Mango Moi) and Cannuka). Additional skincare brands and wellness ingredients are being reviewed for potential acquisition and development.

We are assembling a strong team with vast experience in Ideating, Creating, Incubating, Accelerating, and Scaling Brands and Services for the market. Their expertise in numerous plant-based Brands is ideal for assisting in developing future merger opportunities.

Once skincare is established we’ll continue on to greater wellness

Once the skin care vertical is established, BFYW intends to build + buy verticals targeting other wellness goals. BFYW looks to expand into new verticals in '23 and beyond with Food and Beverage for Better Appearance, Better Health, Better Nutrition, Better Fitness and Better Sleep.

As the Company expands, it seeks to address Better Mindfulness with the inclusion of Supplements, Adaptogens and Nootropics.

The hand-chosen team at Better For You Wellness brings its deep expertise in operating, brand identity, genetic and services, and raising capital to the public market. The group seeks synergistic
and complementary mergers and acquisition opportunities, implementing operational efficiencies to eliminate duplicative measures and centralize administrative operations to achieve greater profitability.

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