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The BFYW Growth Initiative was developed to grow shareholder value by generating revenue and building profitability via BFYW's Stephen James Curated Coffee Collection. The initiative focuses the Company's energies on the SJCCC premium coffee brand, as coffee is the second most consumed beverage globally. It leverages its retail relationship with Kroger other grocers, and prepares BFYW's creative/marketing teams to grow brand awareness. Its manufacturing and distribution team ensures the Company can continue to scale commercially at reduced costs for increasing online and in-store coast-to-coast sales.

SJCCC enjoys in-store sales at 35 select Ohio Kroger stores. SJCCC is poised to expand into 250 stores later this summer, then double the number of stores yearly for the next five years. In addition to Kroger, BFYW seeks to expand with the inclusion of Giant Eagle, Wegmans, Albertsons, and other grocers and pursue amenity opportunities with hotels and resorts.

To meet the demand, BFYW is raising $4M in a 5-year term note and estimates break even within 20 months. Store expansion such as this means a projected gross revenue of $1,055,503 in year one, $8,036,770 in year two, $23,340,949 in year three, $39,254,052 in year four, and $59,795,058 in the fifth year.

There's Room for

Our Stock to Grow

Our comprehensive analysis scrutinized ten prominent publicly traded coffee companies to establish a conservative price-to-sales (P/S) benchmark of 1.97. Further, we estimated a year-over-year market capitalization and share price. What became clear through these exercises was that BFYW Stock and overall business have significant room to grow.

our Mission

Greater Share Price and Market Cap

The annual multiplication of revenue and price-to-sales ratios forms the basis for establishing a year-over-year projected market capitalization (i.e., revenue x P/S = market cap). Further, to estimate the Share Price, we divide the market cap by authorized shares, providing a projection for the share price (i.e., market cap / authorized shares = share price).

The graphs found in our Press Release (Click Here) vividly illustrates the compelling results derived from this analysis. It substantiates our decision to take the brand to the public market and indicates significant growth potential for BFYW Stock. It's essential to note that we have truncated the P/S decimal value in the graph for clarity and illustration purposes. These findings collectively underscore the favorable trajectory and potential for growth that BFYW's stock holds in the market.

Our Board of


We are assembling a strong team with vast experience in Ideating, Creating, Incubating, Accelerating, and Scaling Brands and Services for the market.

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